Catherine just talked me into cosplaying Bubbline with her at Animazement.

So my friends at work conspired last week to decorate my cubicle for my birthday. Since they knew I’d be gone on my actual birthday (4/13), they set it up so that it was decorated when I came in to work Friday morning. These are just the Homestuck decorations/presents, there were many other birthday themed and owl decorations as well.

The fun thing is that none of my friends in my building read Homestuck. My one friend at work who does read it conspired with his wife and our other friend, and they did the actual decorating.

Going to be running around Tyson’s Corner as Rose today. Also, today is my 25th birthday.

Heading to Sakura Matsuri in a bit.

Wore the bunny dress as a shirt today.

Wore the bunny dress as a shirt today.

I have a bad habit of taking selfies and then not posting them. So here’s my hair from today, my dress from last night, and my wig from Saturday.

In other news, I am coming down with a cold and rather miserable at the moment. I should probably sleep.

I keep forgetting to post about this, but Rei, Ri, Cari, and I will be in Washington DC next weekend. We’re driving up Friday night, going to Sakura Matsuri on Saturday, and doing I don’t know what on Sunday (my birthday) before driving back that night.

If anyone wants to hang out or has suggestions about what to do while we’re there, let me know.

Running around in new Lolita stuff at Oducon this afternoon/evening. I was very lilac and very fluffy.

Running around in new Lolita stuff at Oducon this afternoon/evening. I was very lilac and very fluffy.

Harris Teeter sells hichew in their international isle. I may have devoured close to 15 packages in the past couple weeks.

I’m taking a break from the land of migraines and metallurgy to show off pics of the resin casting I’ve been playing around with to make jewels for Sailor Neptune. Not pictured are the jewels for the tiara, choker, and all of the ones for Catherine’s Sailor Uranus as well.

And now back to metallurgy. I’ve got an exam tomorrow after work.

Finally got pics of the Olaf plushie that I made for my work friend’s birthday a while back. His body is held together by magnets.

Asked by Anonymous Anonymous

I have a huge crush on you and I have for a while, but I know you well enough to know that nothing could ever happen between us and I respect that. I just wanted to let you know that someone out there thinks you're very sweet and kind and would like to hold your hand and maybe take you to dinner or something.

Oh. Okay. Wow. Hi.

This was completely unexpected, but very, very sweet. And brave. I can’t imagine it’s easy to confess a crush, but it’s got to be that much harder knowing that I’m aromantic.

Thank you, though.

I had to bribe myself with curly fries in order to make myself watch my welding metallurgy lecture tonight.

Boundaries are a good thing to respect :/ But the dress is super cute! I think it’d look great with tights. Also turning it into a shirt! It’s just a great print overall :D!
Haha, I’m pretty sure my friends are responsible for the latest anon booty ask, so now I’m equal parts grumpy and amused. But, yes, I love the print too! That’s why I bought it despite it not being in a style I prefer.